Human Resources Development

China Unicom makes it a principle to put its employees first and persists in mechanism innovation so that the Company and its employees can grow together hand in hand. In 2016, adopting a liberal mindset, the Company’s human resources effort focused on mapping out a 3-year strategic plan based on the requirements of the Company’s strategic transformation and committing to optimising the human resources management system for better performance of the staff and added cost efficiency of the human capital. As a result, the Company succeeded in securing robust human resources to support corporate reform and development.

Managing headcount appropriately and optimising human resources structure. The Company focused on improving productivity, basing on three dimensions, organisation, profession and business, and set out three aspects for optimisation, namely the total number of staff, staff structure and team quality. The total number of staff increased by 9.70% year-on-year, the proportion of dispatched workers reduced to below 10%, and the ratio of bachelor degree (or above) holders increased by 1 percentage point to 57.43%.

Optimising compensation system to spur vitality. The Company further refined its staff compensation flexible allocation principles with the focus of enhancing efficiency and the related effectiveness. The Company focused on segmentation and rationalising the mechanism and built up a differentiated incentive and control scheme compatible with the management model that balanced the authority and responsibility. The Company also introduced the concept of overall remuneration and consolidated remuneration resources through different dimensions, and continuously promoted the overall remuneration system.

Enhancing staff selection and building competent teams. The Company refined the management system for management personnel by enforcing stringent selection and appointment procedures and establishing an official mechanism for building talent pipeline. The Company upgraded the structure of its management team while nurturing and selecting talents according to its development needs. The Company also enhanced its talent bank establishment and built up the strategic talent management system. The Company held various training sessions during the year, including 16 leadership training classes as well as 259 specialised training classes, 27 high-end technical training classes to enhance the professional skills of the staff and the execution of the Company’s strategy.

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