Key Strategy

2017: Onto the Path of Healthy Development

  • Strengthen strategic persistence & execution of “Focus, Cooperation & Innovation”
  • Enhance precision management capability & orderly drive frequency band & capacity reduction of 2G/3G networks to enhance cost efficiency
  • Foster innovation & transformation of marketing model; innovative resources utilisation to promote scale & profitable business development
  • Build a more market-oriented mechanism & system to enhance corporate vibrancy & operating efficiency

2017 Priorities

To focus on innovative transformation of operating model to expedite scale & profitable business development
To advance scale development of 2I2C model, drive the upgrade of 2G to 4G & unleash data value to accelerate 4G development
To adhere to video-oriented integrated operation & solidify service edges to achieve efficient development in broadband services
To strengthen core capabilities for innovative businesses, focusing on platform-based business & industrial Internet to nurture new revenue growth drivers
To enhance fundamental management & deepen reform in various areas to elevate operating efficiency & service support capability

My Annual Report

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